adj. having branches, having arm-like limbs

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • brachiate — adj. /bray kee it, ayt , brak ee /; v. /bray kee ayt , brak ee /, adj., v., brachiated, brachiating. adj. 1. Bot. having widely spreading branches in alternate pairs. 2. Zool. having arms. v.i. 3. to progress by means of brachiation. [1825 35; …   Universalium

  • brachiate — /ˈbreɪkieɪt/ (say braykeeayt), / ət/ (say uht), /ˈbræk / (say brak ) adjective 1. Botany having widely spreading branches in alternate pairs. –verb (i) (brachiated, brachiating) 2. to swing by the arms from branch to branch, as some apes …  

  • brachiate — [brā′kē āt΄, brak′ēāt΄; ] for adj. usually [, brāk′ēit, brak′ēit] adj. [< BRACHIO + ATE1] having widely spreading branches, alternately arranged vi. brachiated, brachiating to swing arm over arm from one hold to the next, as certain apes and… …   English World dictionary

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